I'm So Worth It

I’m So Worth It was founded March 13, 2013.

It is a bold and declarative statement that no matter what you have been through in life that you are still worth it and God has a great plan for your life in spite of your past!!!


I’m So Worth It is an organization dedicated to encouraging, empowering and equipping women to know their worth, find beauty in their brokenness, purpose in their pain, complete contentment in every season of their lives and fulfill their God destined purpose.


  •  I’m So Worth It is passionate about educating and equipping women in areas of purity, purpose, development and deliverance.


  • I’m So Worth It is commissioned to connect with women that are committed to celibacy until marriage and journey with them through their season of singleness.


  •  I’m So Worth It is a sisterhood that fosters and supports women in deepening their relationship with God and investing in their spiritual and emotional wholeness.


  • I’m So Worth It is your source for inspiration, relationship advice, support and encouragement to remain celibate until marriage, personal development, freedom from past bondage and brokenness and emotional and spiritual wholeness.


  • I’m So Worth It is a sisterhood committed to connecting women from all walks of life and every part of the world with one purpose in mind: For every woman to Know Her Worth In Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.


I’m So Worth It Believes:

When a woman realizes her worth, she will not allow a man to half love her.

When a woman realizes her worth, she will not allow obstacles to get in her way.

When a woman realizes her worth, she will use stumbling blocks as stepping stones to reach her purpose.

When a woman realizes her worth, she is unstoppable.


 I’m So Worth It Means:

 Your past does not disqualify you from your destiny.

You still have purpose in spite your past.

You are worth being loved

You are worth commitment

You are worth being a wife

You are worth waiting for

 You are worth your destiny, future and purpose.


Most importantly, you are worth Christ dying—you are to die for!!!


You Are So Worth It!


  •  I’m So Worth It is committed to journeying with women during the unique seasons of their lives as they Chase Christ, Pursue their Purpose and become Whole Women fulfilling their Destiny.


  • I’m So Worth It is for every woman that has tried and failed, tried again and failed again, but continues to chase Christ and is determined to reach her destiny.


  •  I’m So Worth It isn’t for perfect women, but women in purpose that are ready to get into their God ordained and destined positions and refuses to settle for less—in every area of their lives!


  • I’m So Worth It is meant to encourage and empower women and to deepen their love of Jesus, discover their worth and deliverance from their pain.

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