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Marriage Manipulation

Marriage Manipulation: The Single Woman Struggle Series 03.22.18


Have you ever believed that "God Said" that man was your husband and you began to pray and speak about him as your husband only to end in disappointment and heartbreak? You ever found yourself frustrated with God because "He Said" he was your husband, but that man wasn't thinking about you? Do you struggle with your thoughts and fantasy? Do you create whole illusions of your life with someone that doesn't even know you exist or interested in you? Do yyou day dream about your crush and it feels so real that you have a hard time drawing the line between fantasy and reality?

If you said yes, amen or ouch to any of the above questions, then this webinar is for you!! Register today!!!



The "Gift" of Singleness

The "Gift" of Singleness: The Single Woman Struggle Series 04.12.18


If you've ever struggled in your singleness and wondered if God has given you this "gift", then this webinar is for you. I'll answer those questions that's in your heart, but you refuse to say out loud! Will I be single forever? I thought God would give me the desires of my heart? If i'm going to be single at least take the desire away? God's taking too long and my biological clock is ticking? I don't think I could survive being single forever!If you've ever had those questions or concerns meet me April 12th to have a REAL TALK about the "gift" of singleness and how to make peace with your portion!


Register Today: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-gift-of-singleness-tickets-44356910714





Consumed By Comparison

Consumed & Going Crazy Battling Comparison: The Single Woman Struggle Series 04.19.18

 Has the spirit of comparison been eating away at your confidence? Do you secretly struggle with jealousy? Do you silenlty hate other women for living the life you've prayed for? Is social media making you compare your real l ife to someone else's high light reels?

If Jealousy, envy, bitterness and comparison has become louder than God's voice, then this webinar is for you. Sign-Up today and learn the tools to overcome comparsion and live content in Christ.



Celibacy, Courtship & Compromise

Celibacy, Courtship & Compromise: The Single Woman Struggle Series 04.26.18

 If you think celibacy is hard--wait until you are dating and waiting to have sex...the struggle is real, real! Join this webinar as I discuss my personal journey of single and celibate, dating and waiting and how I compromised my celibacy! How far is too far? Broken boundaries?  I've always been transparent about my success and struggles...I welcome you into my closet, so that you can learn and not make the same mistakes! 

Register Today, so that you can be better prepared for dating and waiting!



Celibacy, Courtship & Compromise
19.99 USD

The Single Woman Series: Celibacy, Courtship & Compromise (Master Class)

The Battle for Peace & Purity

The Battle for Peace & Purity: The Single Woman Struggle Series 04.05.18

Are you in a battle for your purity? Is your mind telling you no, but your body is telling you yes? Do you want to live holy, but struggle with being horny?? If you've been struggling with purity and you have no peace in your mind or body, because  it's a fight to be free from lust, temptation, celibacy, masturbation etc., then this course is for you.

You are not supposed to struggle and battle everyday with your purity--you can find peace in this season! Register Today!!

                        Date: 04.05.18 Time: 8:30pm EST (replay will be made available)




Battle For Purity
19.99 USD

Register for this Purity Master Class today!

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