Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is I’m So Worth It?

I’m So Worth It is a brand and lifestyle! It is more than a statement, but a way of living, way of being and a way of doing.

2. What does I'm So Worth It focus on?

I’m So Worth It focuses on the following areas:

-Celibacy: Abstinent Advocacy & Celibacy Coaching

-Development: Growing, Maturing & Evolving in God

-Deliverance: Emotional & Sexual Ties, Identity Crisis, Abuse and Addictions etc.

Purpose: Discovering Your Purpose and Fulfilling Your Destiny

Worth: Discovering/Knowing Your Worth In Christ Jesus

3. Why I’m So Worth It?

Jasmine believes a lot of our behavior, acceptance and value systems are rooted in knowing your worth. She believes people behave, respond and live according to their understanding and acknowledgement of their worth.

It’s about spreading the message of hope. Helping women (people) grasp the importance of knowing your worth and building a solid foundation from that knowledge.

4. How did it start?

I’m So Worth It as a result of a desperate prayers and pleas for the Lord to use me and reveal my purpose. For many years I had been a silent supporter of celibacy and trying to make sense of my life pain and purpose. I practiced celibacy in my own life and encouraged close friends to consider celibacy as well, but I was not very vocal about it to those whom I did not know. It was through committing to celibacy that I learned my worth, began healing from my past and pain and walking in my purpose!

I deeply desired to share this message of celibacy and encourage my sisters in Christ that they too could make it through this season: faithfully, joyfully and purposefully. I let the enemy shame me into silence and I wondered what people would think about me proclaiming such a bold message. I cried out to God and said,  I surrender! I felt like I had been trying to control and orchestrate my own destiny. I relinquished all of my thoughts, hopes, dreams and aspirations and said, Lord have your way.  I promised to get out of his way and my own way, so that I could be used for his glory and his purpose. This is the prayer that impregnated me and God has birthed the  I’m So Worth it Movement.

5. What is the I’m Worth It Movement?

It is a movement to declare You Are Worth It and you are CHOOSING to WAIT on God for your mate and purpose.

Refusing to Settle in this season

Refusing to Struggle in this season

Refusing to Let Sin Win

6. How can I join?

Subscribe today and instantly become a member of I'm So Worth It and the movement, in addition you'll get instant access to I’m So Worth It products and information.

7. Why should I pay for membership?

Paid membership gives you exclusive access to Jasmine, private coaching & consultation, private lessons, prayer calls and Facebook group, free products, discounts on conferences, events and so much more. Sign up today!!!

8. What is the SET FREE Purity Program?

This program partners you with an accountability partner and Jasmine walks with you for 6 intensive weeks to being Set Free through the love, blood and power of Jesus Christ! Click on the services tab to sign up today!



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