Jasmine R. Harris

Jasmine R. Harris is  a lover of Jesus Christ, she is passionate about people and seeing them set free from the bondages that oppress the from walking in the fullness of their God destined purpose. She desires for every woman to know her worth, walk in emotional and spiritual freedom, embrace life's processes and to pursue her purpose in Christ Jesus!

Her life is inspired by His unconditional love that surrounds her each and every day. She lets her passion for Christ flow into all areas of her life and she is excited to watch his plans for her life unfold.


It was in Jasmine's brokenness and darkness that God swiftly began molding and shaping her to fulfill her destiny and purpose. All that Jasmine had been through began making sense to her as she encountered other broken women that didn't know their worth and were desperately seeking hope and deliverance from their own darkness and past hurts. Jasmine could not understand why she attracted so many broken, bruised and battered women and the common denominator had always been a lack of knowing her worth and value. Thus founding, I'm So Worth It as her desire to touch and heal the brokenhearted continue to weigh heavily on her heart. Jasmine desires to see women that know their worth, healed from their hurts, walking in freedom and pursuing their purpose. 

Jasmine desires to lead others to Christ through her real, relevant, humorous and transparent ministry.

She recognizes that her purpose and ministry was birthed out of her brokenness and she is not shy to discuss the dark valleys she’s walked through and the lonely places she’s been that brought her face to face with her Savior.

Jasmine is not afraid to get in the trenches to bring God’s children out of darkness.  She believes that God has a unique calling and specific plan for every individual’s life; however, none are exempt from the process and God has a plan for your pain. Jasmine preaches and teaches on the necessity of the process that births purpose and propels you into the promises of God.

Jasmine's road to destiny hasn’t always been easy and she's made a lot of mistakes along the way, but she finds eternal hope and happiness from her own broken path, because God's grace has given her beauty for her ashes and purpose for her pain.

She is a healing and deliverance type of woman, she believes in getting in the trenches to set the captives free, casting out devils and loving the hell out people!

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